Mike Saporito

About Mike



Mike Saporito is a researcher and advisor who teaches leadership to executives at the world’s most innovative companies.

He turned his life into a leadership laboratory by trading the security of his senior role in management consulting for the uncertainty of life as an impact-driven entrepreneur. He understands firsthand the joys and struggles of building a profitable business. Now he empowers executives and business owners to upgrade their leadership through his transformative programs including:

  • Fast Start

  • Elevate

  • Smart Habit Academy.

His background has given him unique expertise in conducting practical and empirical research, developing leadership mindset & capabilities, and working with world-class clients. His recent client work includes engagements with Facebook, Whole Foods, and GE. In previous roles he led teams responsible for global leadership development deployments at Microsoft and P&G.

Mike lives in Juno Beach, FL with his wife and two kids. He enjoys writing, yoga, and riding his bike.

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